From where winter becomes summer

Adam in Mexico

“Sturdy up your heart, for the road is long ahead,

…don’t bow your head to no-one and no matter what you do, if you start then see it thru,

…So sturdy up your heart, for the road is long ahead, I’ll be with you even though we’re apart, but the road is yours to tread,  and so it goes, so is La Mar”

The Beautiful Girls (La Mar) words of wisdom from farther to son, inspiring me to push thru my PhD. The pic…. my global travels and freer days in Me-hi-co , which will hopefully soon return to. (Pic and text: Adam Gartner).


I was so surprised today when I received this first contribution to the blog…Adam, the kind of guy who everyone likes to  meet. The kind of guy who attends to a Marine Biology Symposium with a surfboard under his arm. And that’s how I found him, at the middle of the Atlantic ocean (I won’t say where…I still have a promise to keep with that small paradise…). You always laugh and said “You’re a so crazy girl!”. But you were the one taking care of me before my first speach with so many researchers listening…and you took me to the ocean. I guess you had a feeling that was the only place where I could relax…and I did! Eventhough you went surfing again while I was giving my talk…(you know, I’m not resentful and envious…I AM NOT!!jejeje). I still remember a lot of small things from this journey, as the dive in the ship wreck, with this big English guy giving you his fin at the bottom of the ocean…it had felt out and he didn’t even know what to do with it (not much diving over there I guess!!). The long long talks. The amazing story about you grandmother (I loved it!!). The teashop. The housekeeper from the youth hostel (a good point). The mojitos. All the laughing (Jenny…I won’t forget that either!!). The hotsprings with everyone running and chilling all over (with Sergio completely static in the middle of the river, looking for his chakras, he said). The viewing of that surfing video the last morning, with Adri getting bored beside us. I left without saying goodbye…it had no sense to me, I’m sure I’ll see you again somewhere. “C’mon!! Don’t leave me alone in this island!” you said. But what I didn’t told you is that, eventhough I still miss all the great people I met there (Marc, the zen surfer, all the Yellow Submarine champions crew, Rodri, no te pongas celoso, Nuno the talkative photographer…), for me it was like you and all the rest. This blog is also yours, so don’t stop being inspired as you said!! I’m sure everyone would like to read about the everyday life and thoughts of a guy from the other side of the world…eventhough you eat curry for breakfast. SO DISGUSTING!!!!PUAAAAAAAAAAGGGG!!! Keep in touch!!



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